Owais Mokhtar

Projects Assistant

Owais, commenced his journey as a Content and Marketing Assistant Apprentice in 2021, enrolled on the Level 3 Junior Content Producer Apprenticeship, and actively working towards the Creative and Content Production certificate, Owais’s contributions extended beyond his initial responsibilities.

His role involved managing various social media platforms, consistently innovating strategies, and creating captivating designs and posts across diverse media channels. During his apprenticeship, Owais honed skills ranging from utilising an industry-standard camera to the nuanced process of finalising edit pieces. He played a pivotal role in crafting and executing comprehensive marketing campaigns, and even contributed to the development of websites to enhance brand promotion.

Having successfully completed the apprenticeship, Owais seamlessly transitioned into the position of Content & Marketing Assistant, where he not only continued his exemplary work but also undertook ad hoc duties and diligently maintained office facilities.