“I liked that there was a mixture of lecture-style learning with speakers coming in to talk to us about different topics and areas of the industry, as well as the hands-on practical learning we were able to experience through filming, editing and pitching weeks.”

Junior Content Producer Apprentice

“I felt that I could ask any questions and I could talk to any of the staff about anything. They organised interesting Zoom calls with various experts during lockdown, so we could continue learning. They made sure we were well taken care of during college week days and they gave us a schedule of what we were going to learn, so we knew what to expect.”

Broadcast Production Assistant Apprentice

“I thoroughly enjoyed the college weeks at All Spring as they gave me a chance to get to know my fellow apprentices more and build up friendships. Also all the team at All Spring are so lovely, welcoming and helpful and they too made the apprenticeship!”

Level 3 Broadcast Production Assistant Apprentice

“The whole team at All Spring have been lovely! It’s been so interesting to hear their stories of working in the industry, and they made every day exciting. I liked the fact that All Spring didn’t treat us like children – they knew that we are all adults now, so you got out of the apprenticeship what you put into it.”

Level 3 Junior Content Producer Apprentice

“Completing my apprenticeship at ASM has given me a much better understanding of the broadcast industry, this has helped me in knowing which pathway I want to go down in my career. It also helped improve my confidence to do tasks when on placement.”

Level 3 Broadast Production Assistant Apprentice

I had a lovely time filming this week and I’ve learnt a lot about the process from the initial concept of the storyboard to the final project. I liked that we had the support of the ASM team to help us with the kit and I’m excited to come back and do some editing and learn some more skills!”

Level 3 Broadast Production Assistant Apprentice

“The most useful part of my training has been training on copyright and safeguarding as these are very specific to production management.”

Level 7 Creative Inudstries Production Manager Apprentice

As for the trainign with ASM (All Spring Media), I have been able to learn the necesarry skills I need under my belt for live events as well as production etiquette and covering all bases of production whilst having the opportunity to film, edit, ptich, prepare and present.” 

Level 3 Junior Content Producer Apprentice

“I came into my apprenticeship with some knowledge however, over the last year I have worked at a professional standard at All Spring Media and have created work I a very proud of.”

Level 3 Advertising Media Executive

I had a great time during my training. Claire made it really fun with tasks to complete with the rest of the trainees. We had broader discussions about the rules and regulations in the screen industries and discussed our career paths.

Regional Intern Runner