Claire Ellis

Quality Manager

Claire Ellis started work at the BBC straight from College in the 1980s. She worked in various operational and management roles, being appointed HR Manager for News in 1998 and moving into a more business-focused Training Manager role in 2000 for News-gathering and Political Programmes. For six years, she worked with editors and producers to support learning activities ranging from craft skills to on-air talent development, including a project to screen-test over 400 potential reporters.

The training, coaching and support part of the learning environment encouraged Claire to retrain as a tutor and assessor when she left the BBC in 2006. Since then, she has worked for many public and private organisations, including training providers and colleges, as a course tutor and assessor in disciplines ranging from creative media and management to social care and customer service.

Claire has navigated many changes in the sector over the past 30 years and remains cheerful and encouraging to learners, offering information, advice and guidance as required.