Learner Case Studies: Sarah Lawrence

12th April 2024, by Sarah Lawrence

Everything you ever wanted to know about working in media production but were afraid to ask!

Having completed my first two contracts within HETV, and a year-long directing course with Pinewood, I felt I had little knowledge but knew that I loved the industry and wanted more; I also knew that in reality, when you’re on a production, everything moves at breakneck speed and so no one, however much they might wish to, has time to be able to fill in the gaps.

This course gives you a fantastic knowledge across the very broad landscape of TV & film production, giving students access to world class industry professionals, who generously not only give you practical in-depth knowledge but also share their tried and tested industry hacks, hints, tips and even contacts.

The course provides you with a fun, safe and like-minded environment. I graduated feeling ten feet tall (when I started a mere 5’4”), and I felt like I had made 30 new friends from a wide variety of backgrounds, experiences and with different skill sets. The course is packed with a combination of practical, creative, and group-based tasks as well as being filled with everyday hacks, management tools and guides on how to work effectively within the industry and run yourself as a business.

I now feel confident that I know where and how to hunt down my next contracts, with a clearer understanding of who I am and the direction in which I want to go. In short, I can’t recommend this course highly enough.

– Sarah Lawrence, Skills Bootcamp for Production Assistants Learner

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