Specialist in Broadcast Production Assistant and Junior Content Producer apprenticeships

Apprentices will earn while they learn and can gain a qualification whilst working with on the job training and experience. To apply for an apprenticeship, leaners must live in England and be over 18. Employers must offer apprentices to work with experienced staff, to learn job-specific skills and agree for them to attend pre-arranged off-site training during their working week.

We specialise in Broadcast Production Assistant and Junior Content Producer apprenticeships. Both apprenticeships carry an industry standard Level 3 advanced qualification and specific qualifications are not required to enrol on these apprenticeships.. Apprentices will learn and develop the necessary skills required to be successful when working in the creative media sector.. These advanced apprenticeships are a recognised qualification by employers in businesses such as TV, radio, film, digital design, publishing and advertising.

Assistant Production Accountant

Most of the training takes place in the workplace and is tailored to ensure apprentices develop the skills the company wants. This enables apprentices to have a real advantage in the workplace with better long-term salary prospects and progression opportunities for either studying further or to advance within the company and the industry itself.

All apprenticeships are real jobs and, as an apprentice, a salary of at least the national minimum apprenticeship wage is possible – the rates are usually updated annually, so please check here for more information on current rates. However, some employers may pay more, and apprentices should work for at least 30 hours per week. These apprenticeships normally take between a minimum of 12 months up to 18 months to complete. All Spring Media typically deliver these apprenticeships in 13 months.

Employers of apprentices should support the apprentice’s on-the-job learning utilising the skills and expertise of their workforce. They should also be involved in reviewing the progress of an apprentice. More information for employers considering taking on an apprentice can be found here.

How it works

All Spring Media works closely with employers to deliver schemes that fully meet the needs of both the employer and apprentice. As part of the service, All Spring Media provide:

Assisting with recruitment

Line Manager Briefing Sessions as required

Pre/Initial Assessments checking for correct aptitude

Block Release delivery model

Learning and Development customised to meet individual job descriptions and will develop the course content

Support and mentoring throughout programme

Use One File e-portfolio and VLE (including assigning HR and Line Manager access)

Pre-screening initial assessment for Maths and English

Occupational assessment to develop to Individual Learning Plan

Induction to the programme

Min 30 days off job training plus additional work set to be completed by the apprentices

Regular visits to the workplace for assessments to assess competence and to complete Progress Reviews with line manager

Submission of ILR data to the ESFA